NVİ Veri Ambarı ve İş Zekası

Data Warehouse Project, launched in 2011, is a business intelligence project whereby General Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship can perform analysis through statistical and retrospective data without the use of live system resources, in order to support and monitor processes for higher quality of services and data.


Services Undertaken

The services undertaken and successfully accomplished within the scope of the project can be summarized as follows.

  • Collection of corporate demands and identification of requirements,
  • Design and implementation on Teradata, of data warehouse structure that includes relevant data from various projects and databases,
  • Planning and implementation of ETL processes from live environments for ensuring continuous updating of data,
  • Preparation on Oracle Business Intelligence, of analyses and reports that meet corporate requirements,
  • Development of web interface that enables various internal service-oriented inquiries,
  • Realization through Oracle Business Intelligence, of internal data access authorization procedures,
  • Ensuring integration of the data from recently completed projects and emerging corporate requirements, with the database and business intelligence applications.

Project Benefits

  • The project enables the units serving at the head office to have quick access to the relevant data and reports via data warehouse in accordance with the level of their authorisations; this feature helps to produce fast and effective solutions for internal operations and procedures,
  • Service and data quality is enhanced thanks to both the reports prepared for routine checks and the monitoring of summarized information prepared in line with requirements, or even for concentration on the related details; thus, it became possible to supervise the transactions and procedures carried out by the units serving outside the Head Office.