TÜRKVET is an e-Government project developed for electronic execution of the services such as livestock monitoring, reporting the animal diseases, laboratory sample management, poultry husbandry records and identification, recording of the poultry and monitoring the movement thereof, which are carried out by Directorate General of Food Control


Services Undertaken

  • Identification of requirements, design, software development, commissioning, training, updating and maintenance works for a new Veterinary Information System,
  • Transfer of existing data in accordance with new data structure,
  • Integration with Geographic Information System,
  • Integration with Business Intelligence and Decision Support System; establishment of infrastructure necessary for obtaining dynamic statistical reports,
  • Integrations with relevant e-Government projects.


Project Benefits

  • Formation of a Veterinary Information System in compliance with EU legislation,
  • Recording of livestock and poultry, monitoring the shipment, slaughtering, and removal operations,
  • Accurate monitoring and management of disease, quarantine and vaccination processes for the livestock,
  • Preventing the breakout and transmission of animal diseases,
  • Thanks to integration with Business Intelligence and Decision Support System, dynamic acquisition of the reports and statistics to serve as a basis for relevant decisions,
  • Prevention of illegal animal husbandry, shipment and slaughtering operations,
  • Taking breeding farms and slaughterhouses under control and strict supervision.