T.C. Identity Card System (TCKK) is a project whereby applications for electronic identity cards, which conform to the international standards, replace the former identity cards and enable avoidance of any imitation, distortion or forgery, - are received, the cards are issued to citizens of Republic of Turkey and any works required for the procedures related to such cards are carried out.


Services Undertaken

  • Within the scope of the project, Kale Yazilim has developed the software for all processes to be carried out by District Registry Offices within lifecycle of identity cards, such as the receipt of identity card applications, reactivation of blocked cards,, cancellation, disposal, card inspection, distribution of PIN envelopes, fee transactions etc.
  • The software developed in this context is integrated with Appointment System, PTT software, Biometric Data Management System, Data Warehouse, as well as with the Card Management System developed by TUBITAK within the scope of R&D project. Such software is also integrated with fingerprint, finger vein print and palm print sensors for the collection of biometric data and execution of identity verification processes through biometric data,
  • As part of the project, relevant modifications are made in MERNIS software upon implementation of identity card instead of former ID book; the processes for data transfer to data warehouse are prepared to derive the statistics from the data which are obtained within the scope of the project and required dynamic reports are created,

Identity card applications have been received and the cards are issued to citizens in Kirikkale that was selected as the city of pilot scheme as from 14 March 2016 and across Turkey as of 1 January 2017

Project Benefits

Thanks to TCKK Project;

  • Secure identity verification can be carried out through identity card,
  • Victims of ID cards forgeries/counterfeits will be prevented,
  • Identity card will enable access to all e-Government services everywhere with a internet connection (home, workplace etc.),
  • Identity card can be used as a travel document,
  • Identity card can be used as an electronic signature,
  • Electronic features of identity card will support the work processes and reduce the bureaucracy/burden of unnecessary paperwork in the services offered by public institutions for citizens,
  • Eligibility of individuals for public services can be checked in an easy and safe manner,
  • Fraud, corruption and financial losses (in social security, health, insurance, banking etc.) arising from insufficient individual verification will be minimized.