Driver’s License System (SBS) was launched upon the assignment of operations and transactions with regard to driving license, previously realized by Directorate General of Security (EGM), to the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship pursuant to Decree Law no. 29782 issued on 29.10.2016; after which, Kale Yazilim developed the necessary software for all processes to be realized by Provincial and District Registry Offices with regard to the transactions such as the receipt of driver’s license applications, renewal of licenses; replacement, personalization, cancellation and reactivation of driver’s licenses obtained overseas and , delivery to the person concerned, reporting and inquiry, etc.


Services Undertaken

Within the scope of the project, Kale Yazilim developed the necessary software for all processes carried out by Provincial and District Registry Offices with regard to the initial registration and renewal of driver’s licenses; receipt of applications to replace the licenses obtained overseas, licence cancellation, loss or stolen license procedures, distribution of PIN envelopes and relevant fees transaction. Thus, the staff of District Registry Office can carry out driving license transactions via MERNIS application software in line with usual workflow and monitor interfaces that he/she is familiar, without the need to use a different application software that include different screenshots or methods for different operations.

Control and printing processes are carried out by communicating the information concerning the applications received through MERNIS application software, to Identity Management System and Biometric Data Management System. The software that have been developed in this scope are integrated with EGM, Ministry of Health, UYAP, Appointment System, PTT Software, Biometric Data Management System and Data Warehouse. Such software is also integrated with the fingerprint, finger vein print and palm print sensors for collection of biometric data and realization of identity verification operations through biometric data. 

As of 02 April 2018, applications are received for initial registration and renewal of driver’s licenses, as well as replacement of licenses obtained overseas; and driver’s licenses are issued to the citizens across Turkey.

Project Benefits

Thanks to Driving License Project;

  • Electronic storage of personal information obtained upon driver’s license applications,
  • Information about driver’s license is exclusively stored on NVIGM MERNIS data warehouse, thus preventing access by any third-parties,
  • Automatic checks on the system minimize forgery, corruption and financial losses, and prevent the victims  of forgery, 
  • Web service integrations with relevant institutions enabled that the information and documents are received in electronic environment, whereupon;
    • File archiving in paper environment is ended, 
    • Operations and transactions of citizens can be finalized faster,
    • Citizen satisfaction is enhanced and bureaucratic procedures are minimized,
  • Since the citizens can now receive all individual documents from a single institution (NVIGM), all processes are standardized, bringing along higher quality of service,
  • Previously, 596 Directorates of Security would have received driver’s license applications, but as from 02.04.2018, the number of application centers is increased to 680 District Registry Offices, 
  • Driver’s license is laser-printed on polycarbonate; thanks to additional safety layers and polycarbonate frame, the new license is more durable and long-lasting compared to former ones.