Electoral Registry System (SEÇSİS) is an e-Government project that enables electronic execution of the procedures and transactions including the creation of electoral registers in a complete and up-to-date manner pursuant to legislation, registration of ballot boxes, allocation of voters to ballot boxes, preparation of relevant lists and realization of elections.


Services Undertaken

Services, which are undertaken in two stages and successfully accomplished for SEÇSİS project between 1994 and 2001, can be summarized as follows.

Electoral Registry System

In 1994, development of application software system for the fulfilment of electoral procedures of 35 million voters across Turkey.

Central Electoral Registry System

In 2001, development of semi-distributed application software system to ensure continuous updating of voter details via computers in the districts across Turkey; storage of these details at the center as a consistent whole and appropriate and safe execution of elections.


Project Benefits

  • Prevention of repetitive records on electoral registers,
  • Easy and rapid voting,
  • Minimization of objections,
  • Collection of information necessary for regulations to enable the citizens to exercise their political rights with sense of duty and responsibility, storage of such information as an up-to-date and consistent whole in computer environment, technological use and assessment of such information for elections,
  • Allocation of voters to ballot boxes in rapid and accurate manner in line with specified criteria,
  • Rapid acquisition of Ballot Box Voter Lists, Mukhtar’s Catchment Area Voter Lists and Voter Info Dockets.