Passport System is a project in which all transactions and procedures regarding the passports and or equivalent documents used as a passport, which were previously undertaken by Directorate General of Security, are carried out by General Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship of, pursuant to Decree Law no. 29782 published on 29.10.2016.


Services Undertaken

  • The project was launched upon the transfer  of passport procedures to General Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship pursuant to Decree Law after which Kale Yazilim developed the necessary software for all processes to be carried out by Provincial and District Registry Offices, such as the receipt of passport applications, cancellation and renewal of passports.
  • Integration is established between the software developed in this context, with the systems such as Appointment System, PTT software, Biometric Data Management System, the institutions such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Directorate General of Security, as well as with the Data Warehouse.
  • The processes for data transfer to data warehouse are prepared to derive the statistics from the data which are obtained within the scope of the project and required dynamic reports are created.
  • As of 02 April 2018, Passport applications have been received and passports are issued to citizens across Turkey.


Project Benefits

Thanks to Passport Project;

  • The number of passport application desks are increased by 51% from 503 to 761 centers, whereupon the citizens had easier access to the services at the nearest locations,
  • Delivery of second-generation electronic passports has begun. Second-generation electronic passport has the following characteristics:
  • Thanks to their polycarbonate frame, second-generation electronic passports are more durable and long-lasting than the existing passports.
  • They are more secure against forgery since they completely comply with SAC and EAC requirements, European Union Visa Liberalization criteria,
  • Second-generation electronic passports contribute to the promotion of Turkey by means of visa pages that include historical and touristic images,
  • Thanks to contactless chip technology, data on second-generation electronic passports can be read/scanned by special devices; this feature enables safe and quick passport checks at border gates.
  • Web service integrations with the relevant institutions enabled that the information and documents to be obtained in electronic environment, whereupon;
    • File archiving in paper environment is ended,
    • Operations and transactions of the citizens can be finalized faster,
    • Citizen satisfaction is enhanced and bureaucratic procedures are minimized.
  • Since the citizens can now receive all individual documents from a single institution (NVIGM), all processes are standardized, bringing along higher quality of service.