OSS (Student Selection Examination) Application / Preference System is an e-Government project that ensures storage of candidate applications, diploma grades, preference details and photographs at the Application Centers for ÖSS registrations and transfer of such data to Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).


Services Undertaken

Services including the identification of requirements, designing, software development, commissioning and user training are undertaken and accomplished successfully in order for the application, diploma grades, preference details and photographs of the candidates who will take ÖSS can be received through 5.100 application centers and communicated to the center via internet.  

Project Benefits

  • Elimination of problems about matching the candidate details and photographs during processing of Exam Application Documents,
  • Simultaneous, interactive and online collection of all information and photograph of the candidate in distributed environment, as well as their instantaneous transfer to systems within ÖSYM,
  • Candidates can now apply for exam at the nearest of 5.100 application centers,
  • Application centers can enter/process diploma grades and candidate preference details and such data is collected within Central Database within ÖSYM,
  • Candidates can view their details via Candidate Portal and submit any relevant inquiries and requests to ÖSYM through the same portal.