Identity Sharing System (KPS) is an e-Government project that ensures the information kept centrally within MERNIS can be shared online with relevant public institutions and organizations and that provides service 24/7 to fulfil a critical public service today.


Services Undertaken

As of 2004, service has been provided for KPS, the essential data source of other e-Government projects in Turkey. In this respect, the services, which are undertaken in two stages and successfully accomplished so far, can be summarized as follows.

Identity Sharing System v1

In 2004, realization of all services for online inquiry of individual records kept within MERNIS in accordance with the authorities specified with the permitted institutions, by means of developed web services and via Safe Virtual Private Network (VPN) infrastructure and commissioning of this system.

Identity Sharing System v2

In 2010, in the light of ever-growing and ever-changing user requirements and technological progress, the inclusion of application procedures of institutions/organizations willing get service from KPS into the scope of  the system; diversification of the services offered; provision of service version support on the basis of service; installation of infrastructure for single sign-in and identity verification and authorization through a security key; and complete redevelopment and commissioning of the system pursuant to similar requirements listed above.


Project Benefits

Identity Sharing System has the following advantages;

  • Public institutions and organizations as well as other entities delivering citizen-oriented services became able to access identity records and attain current data of the persons who apply them to receive services,
  • The level of bureaucracy and unnecessary grinding work is creased for both parties during the service procurement,
  • Labor and resource losses are prevented, whereby activities became much more time-efficient,
  • Confusions led by various methods previously used for citizen identification during service procurement are eliminated; it became easier and faster to identify the citizens during inter-organizational services and transactions thanks to the extensive usage of Turkish Identity Number particularly in e-Government systems.