Kamu Yatırımları Bilgi Sistemi

Software Infrastructure for Document Tracking System

Preparation of infrastructure software necessary for the management of incoming/outgoing documents and archive of the institution


Business Intelligence Reports

Project is executed in line with the requirement of State Planning Organization with regard to the analysis and dynamic reporting of the information prepared within the scope of High Planning Council activities.

The objective is transfer of institution/sector/budget transactions, by State Planning Organization (DPT) to the database and acquisition of supportive business intelligence reports. In this context, OLAP database structure will be designed, created and existing data will be transferred. Necessary infrastructure will be established so that statistic reports can be obtained in dynamic manner from such data via Business Intelligence software.

Thanks to the projected infrastructure, the preliminary study performed by experts within the scope of High Planning Council activities within State Planning Organization will be transferred into electronic environment and reported by means of business intelligence software.


High Planning Council Web Software System

This project is launched in order to ensure that information, generated by experts, is transferred to a central database in electronic environment by means of web-based software.

The transactions carried out by State Planning Organization (DPT) regarding institution/sector/budget can be entered and monitored by means of web-based software; besides, it is now possible to obtain data in line with the reports to be taken via business intelligence software. In this respect, necessary web software will be developed so that the data can be processed via interface and the information which is entered in excel format through web interface, is transferred to the system.

Development of software required to enter and follow-up the preliminary operations executed by experts within the scope of High Planning Council through web interface.