Business Continuity Center is a project with which the two data centers located in Ankara and Konya can provide service in simultaneous and load-distribution manner, for which the necessary architecture and software infrastructure is built so that they can run in a scalable and error-tolerant structure where data integrity is preserved and through which MERNIS, KPS, AKS and EVS application software are updated in line with this architecture.

Based on the recent search, Business Continuity Center is a unique project in the world, given the fact that two data centers almost 300 km apart can provide simultaneous and load-distributed service and that the data in both data centers are instantaneously uniform. 


Services Undertaken

Services which are undertaken and successfully accomplished so far within the scope of the project can be summarized as follows.

  • Requests incoming to data centers in Ankara and Konya in load-distributed manner are simultaneously processed in both data centers and data in both system centers are instantaneously identical,
  • In case of any physical, software or communication problem or even scheduled maintenance requirement in one of data centers, all requests can be directed to the other, active data center,
  • Necessary architecture is designed, built and adapted to existing application software for recording the requests, which are not processed in deactivated system; processing such records upon reactivation of the system and sending the simultaneous requests to the system once the data identity is verified.


Project Benefits

Thanks to this project which enables the functioning of system centers in load-distributed and simultaneous manner,

  • In case one of the systems is deactivated or put in maintenance, the system automatically continues to work with other data center without interruption,
  • End-users can continue getting service since they are unaffected by disruptions in the system,
  • Automatic execution of data integrity checks and preservation of data integrity,
  • Capability to ensure load balancing between data centers,
  • Since data centers are in scalable architecture, low-cost hardware solution can be used,
  • Unlike similar systems elsewhere in the world, both data centers respond to reading, writing, deleting and updating requests in Active-Active manner,
  • As to systems that should work 24/7, scheduled maintenance can be carried out without interruption in the services delivered,
  • More efficient services are made available for the citizens and other institutions.