e-Interior is an e-Transformation system developed in order to enable the central departments of the Ministry of Interior, all Governorates, District Governorates and Special Provincial Administrations to carry out their regular works in electronic environment.


Services Undertaken

Kale Yazilim, has made available a project team comprising the positions of a system administrator, database administrator, software specialist, business intelligence specialist, analyst, project support specialist, web design specialist and content administrator to be assigned in servicing, updating and maintenance services of e-Interior Project, as well as in developing the new modules in line with emerging requirements.

Project Benefits

  • Electronic execution of any procedures and transactions already carried out by central departments of the Ministry, governorates and district governorates as well as special provincial administrations
  • As the procedures previously performed in paper form are transferred to electronic environment, they become immediately accessible, easily manageable, having a structure that enables all kinds of analyses and huge savings in stationery (paper, toner, mail etc.) costs,
  • Thanks to information and communication technologies, citizens have access to the Ministerial departments and submit their suggestions and requests, enabling the development of mechanisms that ensure their participation in decision-making processes in public space,
  • In addition to higher service quality achieved, introduction of the principle of making the public services available 24/7 for the citizens,
  • Ability of the citizens or private sector organizations to lodge their applications electronically; to monitor the process online and to receive the delivery of the outcome in electronic environment,
  • Extending the approach “Service in One Step” in every possible field to enable the services to be carried out centrally and more quickly.