Ministry of Economy – Business Intelligence is an e-Government project developed to process trade data received from TÜİK, Exporters Association and Ministry of Finance in regular intervals and to make accurate and rapid decisions in consideration of the data obtained, in order to determine foreign trade policies and strategies of Turkey.


Services Undertaken

  • Analysis of institutional requirements, creation of database in the new Data Mart structure, transfer of incoming trade data to Data Marts by means of Oracle Data Integrator tool without the need for user intervention,
  • Detailed development of Oracle BI middle-tier modellings necessary for Business Intelligence system to run on new Data Mart structure,
  • Preparation of comprehensive Business Intelligence analyses and reports,
  • Development of numerous control panels for various user groups and work scopes,
  • Development of web application where users and user groups of Business Intelligence System are managed and data groups that can be used as ready-made filters on Business Intelligence tool can be created.

Project Benefits

  • Execution of data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) procedures in a rapid, accurate and easy-to-manage strucure,
  • Data consolidation with less efforts,
  • Easy acquisition of data, report and statistics that will support decisions to be taken and strategies to be determined,
  • Ability to log in the system without asking for user name and password if already logged in for other applications, thanks to the integration of Oracle BI system with Single Sign-On (SSO) system available within the organisation