e-Apostil is a system that deals with the electronic receipt of applications for legalization of a document, namely, officialising a document ; collection thereof from the relevant institutions without any damage to its integration and authenticity thanks to the secure electronic signature; delivery of apostilled document to the related person in electronic environment and the preparation of infrastructure to enable verification of apostilled document by international institutions and organizations to which it is submitted.


Project Benefits:

  • Online execution of all processes, regarding the receipt of requests and issue of documents,
  • The authenticity of documents in international circulation can be easily verified,
  • Document is communicated to customers without any distortion on integrity and accuracy thereof, thus enabling the prevention of forgery,
  • Therefore, higher access speed is achieved in providing the customer with a faster document which can also be authenticated overseas,
  • Reduced bureaucracy and prevention of the burden caused by conventional paperwork and avoidance of waste of paper.