As KALE YAZILIM SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. (hereinafter referred as “Company”) respect and care about your privacy.  Therefore, we would like to inform you about your rights with respect to the use and protection of your personal data under Personal Data Protection Law No 6698 (hereinafter referred as “PDPL”).   

  1. Data Controller

As KALE YAZILIM SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. (hereinafter referred as “Kale Software”), we herein inform you that your personal data has been processed acting in the capacity of data controller under the Personal Data Protection Law No 6698 (hereinafter referred as “PDPL“) and other applicable legislation.


  1. Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data

Your personal data will be processed;

  • to handle the information security processes,
  • to handle the communication activities,
  • to carry out activities aimed at ensuring business continuity,
  • to perform the agreement processes,
  • for our business units to carry out activities necessary for providing you with the products and services offered by our company,
  • to create and operate the information technology infrastructure,
  • to ensure legal, technical and business security with respect to the persons who have business relations with us,
  • to ensure security of the data controller’s operations and physical space security,
  • to pursue the financial and/or accounting transactions, including pricing, to pursue legal affairs as well as plan and carry out the corporate communication activities,

under the legal grounds defined Article 5 (2) of PDPL which provides for “a) explicitly stipulated by the Laws”, “c) Where it is necessary to process personal data of the parties to an agreement provided that it is directly related to the execution or performance of an agreement”, “ç) Where it is mandatory for data controller to fulfill its legal obligation”, “e)Where processing of data is necessary to institute, use or protect a right” and “f) where processing of data is necessary for the legitimate interests of data controller provided that no harm inflicted upon the basic rights and freedoms of data subject”.


  1. To Whom and For What Purposes Personal Data Processed Can Be Transferred

Your personal data will be transferred without explicit consent of data subject for the following purposes pursuant to Article 8 (2) (a) of PDPL:

  • Your personal data will be transferred to contracted financial advisor and accounting company for the purposes of handling the financial and/or accounting transactions as part of the collection of the prices of products and services, and when necessary, to notary public, enforcement offices, courts and/or competent public authorities and institutions.
  • Your personal data will be transferred to relevant public authorities and institutions if legally required or requested in order to fulfill the legal obligations pursuant to applicable legislation.
  • Your personal data will be disclosed to our lawyers to the extent required under the confidentiality obligations in order for pursuing the legal processes.


  1. Method of Collecting Your Personal Data and Legal Grounds

Your data will be collected verbally, written or electronically using automatic or non-automatic methods on the basis of legal reasons stipulated in Article 5(2) of PDPL in order to fulfill the purposes defined in item (c) of this form:

  • While sending e-mails, contacts via phone call, website visits, contacting by completing and submitting a form at the website, and contacts via social media platforms.
  • Business cards provided during expos or seminar visits,
  • CCTV security cameras installed in entrance-exit and common areas of the Company building.
  1. Your Rights Under Article 11 of PDPL

As a data subject, you have rights under Article 11 of PDPL, and you can submit your requests related to these rights by completing the all details required by Data Subject Application Form, and pursuant to Article 11 and Article 13(1) of PDPL and Communique on Principles and Procedures of Application to Data Controller,

  • by personally visiting our Company residing at the address of “Üniversiteler Mahallesi İhsan Doğramacı Bulvarı Galyum Blok Kat:1 No:27/108 06800 Çankaya Ankara Turkey”,
  • via registered electronic mail address (REM) at kaleyazilimsanayiveticaretas@hs01.kep.tr
  • via a notary public or registered letter with return receipt requested in order to identify your identity and not to inform wrong persons,
  • by sending an electronic mail to our kvkk@kaleyazılım.com.tr using secure electronic signature, mobile signature or (if any) electronic mail address notified to our company and recorded in our systems

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