Kale Yazılım is a fully independent and local software house founded in 1994, which observes the values that it has adopted; cares for its country and adds value to the services it produces, focusing on doing what it does best.

Kale Yazılım has always been in existence with a view to delivering top-quality and reliable software services with its experience and innovative approach, thus becoming a long-lasting partners for the organizations and institutions it serves.

Kale Yazılım aims at becoming a brand that leads the digital transformation throughout Turkey ever since its foundation with reflecting its experience gained through large-scale e-Government projects to the new projects and products, which are developed with an ever-growing passion and enthusiasm. 


Specialties acquired and developed by Kale Yazılım since 1994
Corporate Software Systems

Kale Yazılım designs and develops the software systems in line with the state-of-the-art technologies by analysing the corporate requirements, on which it has been mainly focusing since its foundation, with its unbeatable staff and puts them into service in a successful manner without compromising the quality.

Data and Analysis Services

The company carries out the services such as transformation of Corporate Data and Big Data to various databases and/or different data designs as well as the transfer, analysis and mark-up successfully for many years through to the experience it gained from the projects it has accomplished so far and the fact that it follows up the innovations in this filed closely.


Handles the corporate software systems with an approach of focusing on the solutions for relevant requirements and problems it faces, in an effort to develop products that are capable of meeting the common requirements.


Corporate software projects accomplished successfully, which cement the success of Kale Yazılım today


Based on its vast experience through corporate software projects, Kale Yazılım developed products that meet common requirements, by using the latest technologies and entirely domestic resources.

Kimlikİzi is a software for Electronic Identity Verification System, developed in accordance with TSI standards based upon its experience in smart identity cards; which is capable of working with all types of card access devices in order to verify Turkish Identity Cards.

Continuus is a “Business Continuity” management software that ensures two data centers to run Active-Active and deliver uninterrupted service by means of the supports of Oracle, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases that developed with over a quarter-century of experience by Kale Yazılım in information technologies.

A new product range, by Kale Yazılım with a combination of expertise in e-Government and corporate software solutions with its vast data experience and by virtue of Neo4J Solution Partnership. TalkinGraph includes tools that necessary for visualization and exploration of graph data, as well as for continuous and flawless data synchronization from relational data sources.

Our customers who preferred to carry out their projects by means of the values of Kale Yazılım…

    Founded in 1994, loves the country and adds value to the services it produces, focused on doing business good and quality, is a completely independent and domestic software house.


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