We, as KALE YAZILIM SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. (hereinafter “Company“), would like to inform you that we exercise maximum care in processing of personal data of visitors of our website in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No 6698 and other applicable legislation (“PDP Legislation“) and we use cookies on our websites.

The purpose of this Cookies Information Text is to inform you about the types and purposes of use of the cookies created when website users/visitors (“Data Subject“) visit website at (“Website“) being operated by us.

What is a cookie? 

Cookies are small-size text files, mostly containing letters or numbers, stored in your computer or mobile device (“device”) when you visit a website, which enable identification of the device.

By What Methods And On What Legal Grounds Are Cookies Collected And Processed?    

Your personal data, when you visit our website, technically mandatory persistent cookies and analytic cookies will be processed in order to ensure that you can use the website, on the basis of legal ground of exercising the right for this purpose.

What Type of Cookies are Used? 

Our website uses both first party cookies (stored by the website you are visiting) and third party cookies (stored by the servers other than the website you are visiting).  You can find below the different types of cookies used by our websites:

Mandatory (Basic) Cookies:  Cookies which are mandatorily used in order to ensure a website function properly and that you can make use of its features and services offered by it.   For instance, ID verification cookies which prompt when you log in our website, enable you stay logged in your session when you navigate from one page to the other.  Disabling these cookies may prevent you from benefiting the service and features.

Persistent Cookies: They are the cookies which are used to improve functionality of the website, to offer our visitors a faster and better service, which persists until deletion by you via your browser or until expiration date.  These cookies are used in order to remember your preferences and personalize your use of website. This includes cookies which store your password and keep you constantly logged in your website session, therefore, relieving you the burden of entering your password repetitively whenever you visit our website, as well as remember and identify you in your next visits.

Functional and Analytic Cookies:  Cookies used in order to determine how you use a website, including monitoring your behaviors such as from where you access the website, which contents of the website you have view and duration of our visits.

What Cookies Used for What Purposes?  

As a company, our website uses cookies for different purposes, and we process your personal data via these cookies in accordance with PDP Legislation, and limited to the purposes defined below.  These are mainly;

– To perform the basic functions required for a website to run:  For instance, while a member logged in a session, eliminating the need for repetitively entering the password while visiting different pages than websites, ensuring you stay logged in your active session while navigating from one page to another in our website.   Disabling these cookies may prevent you from benefiting the service and features.

– To analyse website and to improve performance of website:  For instance, integration of different servers on which the website runs, determination of the number of visitors to the website, and accordingly making performance adjustments, or facilitating visitors to find what they look for faster and easily.

To whom and for what purposes can cookies be transferred?

As company, our vendors from which we receive technical support in the activities covered by the Cookies Information Text can access your data.   Also, these data shall be disclosed to legally authorized public authorities during criminal procedures.

Company matches the data collected via different methods, online or offline with the data collected from you via Website in different times, and uses these information obtained from other resources such as third parties.

How Can You Control Cookies Use?  

To use our website, cookies are not mandatory; you have opportunity to personalize your cookies preferences by changing settings of your browser.

If you set your browser so to block all cookies, you may continue using our website, but you cannot access all functions of website, or your access may remain restricted, your experience may become significantly degraded.



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What Are Your Rights as Data Subject? 

Pursuant to Article 11 PDPL, we would like to inform you that you have right to

  • get information if your personal data is processed or not,

  • if  their personal data is processed, request relevant information,

  • get  information about the purpose of processing of their personal data, whether they are used in line with intended purpose,

  • get information about third parties, foreign or local, to which their personal data is transferred,

  • if  their personal data are processed in part or inaccurately, then submit a request to correct them as well as get information about operations in this respect and the third parties to which their personal data is transferred,

  • request to have your data, which are already processed, be deleted when the reasons which require such processing cease to exist and to inform third parties to which your personal data is transferred about the actions taken in this respect in accordance with the provisions of  PDPL and other laws,

  • object against occurrence of any results that are against their interests after their data processed are analyzed via exclusive automatic systems,

  • claim any damages be compensated if you incur damages as a result of illegal processing of your personal data.

You can submit your requests related to your rights hereunder, optionally by filling in all information required in the Data Subject Application Form in our websites,

  • by personally visiting our Company residing at the address of “Üniversiteler Mahallesi İhsan Doğramacı Bulvarı Galyum Blok Kat:1 No:27/108 06800 Çankaya Ankara Turkey”, 

  • sending an e-mail to our registered electronic address (KEP) such as

  • via a notary public or registered letter with return receipt requested in order to identify your identity and not to inform wrong persons,

  • by sending an electronic mail to our e-mail address at using secure electronic signature, mobile signature or (if any) electronic mail address notified to our company and recorded in our systems, or other methods to be determined by Board in the future for this purpose.

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