Kale Yazılım applies employment procedures in order to hire such applicants who are open for self-improvement and development of his/her their colleagues, keen on teamwork and eager to carry the organization forward.

Vacant positions are announced within the company and declared via career portals.

The shortlisted applicants are called in  for an interview by Human Resources Department, before a two-stage technical interview. Software specialist candidates may be requested to develop a brief code during the interview. Assessment is followed by proposal stage.

The applicants, who are not deemed suitable, are duly notified by Human Resources Department via e-mail.

Recruitment Process

New workmates are introduced by Human Resources official to all colleagues on their first day in order to speed up the adaptation process. Then, a presentation is made to explain the corporate structure and procedures in use.

Following the presentation by Human Resources Department, the ongoing projects by company and technical requirements for these projects are explained in detail.

An experienced workmate in the same team guides the newcomer for one week in order to speed up the adaptation.

Catching Up With The Future

Career Plan

For each position of employment within Kale Yazılım, relevant tasks, authorities and responsibilities are defined and career path is determined. Since day one, new workmates are informed about how they can proceed on this career path, as well as the time and competencies required for such progress.

Performance and Motivation Interviews

Our employees are able to contact at any time to the executives at any level or workmates having knowledge he/she needs. On the other hand, Performance and Motivation Interviews are held between the employee and his/her supervisor in regular intervals, during which the supervisor acts as a mentor for self-development and motivation of the employee.

Remuneration Policy

In line with the objective of long-lasting professional relation, our company implements competitive remuneration policy in order to satisfy the existing employees and to attract new talents to our team. The equilibrium of current structure and market data are taken into account in determining the wage range for a certain position. The remuneration policy consists of 12 net salaries per year.

Social Rights and Benefits 

  • Private Health Insurance
  • Travel Expenses/Otobil
  • Meal Card
  • Birthday Leave
  • Workplace doctor
  • Massage within workhours
  • Corporate phone line for certain position
  • Vehicle allocation for certain positions

Working Hours

Weekdays: 09.00 – 18.00

Number of Employees

75-100 Specialized Employees

Contact Human Resources

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