• Kale Yazılım and Neo4j are now partners.

    Kale Yazılım and Neo4j are now partners.

  • Kale Yazılım Sponsored GraphConnect Europe 2016

    Kale Yazılım Sponsored GraphConnect Europe 2016

    Kale Yazılım is a proud sponsor and a presenter of Graph Connect Europe, which took place on April 26th, 2016.
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Who We Are

We are a full-cycle software development company headquartered in Ankara, Turkiye.
We provide complex enterprise-class software solutions, based on a deep understanding of clients' business requirements.
Our mission is to bridge the gap between development barriers and implementation success. Whether a client's need is for a complex multi-tier web system that protects sensitive information, or custom software development using the latest technologies - Kale Yazılım has the required experience and expertise to fulfill it all.

The secret of our success

When Kale Yazılım was founded in 1994, the founder identified that what really had to be done to stand out was to build a motivated team. From modest beginnings, the company has grown organically to this day, and now employs a large number of highly committed technology specialists.
Kale, now operates a stable structure that supports teamwork, promotes innovative ideas, encourages a coaching mentality, and drives results.

The dedication and experience of our longest serving employees make a significant contribution to our success. Looking ahead, we are well placed to continue our steady growth, expanding our offerings and proactively tailoring our portfolio of solutions.

What makes a company successful is not only its people, but also the business value it delivers to its clients. We are extremely proud to say Kale Yazılım is a client-centric organization. We offer exceptional end-to-end solutions, blending our technical expertise, profound business domain experience and quality-driven delivery model. What we focus on is building long-term technology partnerships with each of our clients.

We strive to maintain our good reputation as a reliable company. Our values are:

  • Individual Approach: We rigorously examine each client's application and business needs.
  • Honesty: We are open in all communications, we say what we mean and we take responsibility for our actions.
  • Respect: We respect the individual. We value the unique contribution of all our employees.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: We encourage an approach of mutual support and understanding.
  • Commitment: We strive to provide result-oriented services, delivering value to our clients is our main goal.
  • Enthusiasm: We are passionate about our work, we seek to exceed expectations.
  • Flexibility: We intend to set a structure for our clients, but no red tape.
  • Experience & Expertise: Our rich knowledge base enables us to speak the same language as our clients and meet their ever-growing needs.

About Us

Kale Yazılım is a technology partner that combines trusted platforms with cutting-edge advancements. We stay ahead of the curve through furthering our training & education in the latest technological advances. We build proof-of-concept applications and bring together instruments to deliver applications that perform flawlessly.

Services We Provide

Application & Services
Complex Web
Secure Programming
Rich Internet
Maintenance & Support
Database Design & Management
Business Intelligence Applications
ETL & Data Integration Tools
Big Data Systems
Custom Client/Server and N-Tier Solutions

Our Products

Specialized in e-government and enterprise software solutions, we are complementing our big data experience as a Neo4J Solution Partner with new solutions and products around graph data. Contact us if you want to visualize and explore your live graph data fed continuously from your relational data sources.

Our Portfolio

A large number of companies and organizations nationwide trust us, because we've provided many software solutions to complicated problems and tangled workflows.

We think the best way to demonstrate our expertise is to show you our work.
Here are some of the projects we have successfully developed:
MERNİS - The Central Civil Registration System
Service Period 2000 - Continued

The Central Civil Registration System of the Republic of Turkey is a system that registers all births, deaths, marriages, divorces, adoptions etc., and compiles vital events related to the civil status of the population, on a continuous basis. The foundations of a modernized civil registrar were laid in the early 1970's.

KPS - The Identity Information Sharing System
Service Period 2004 - Continued

Identity Information Sharing System (abbreviated as KPS in Turkish), is a base infrastructure for services that deliver timely and accurate civil status data. Since its introduction in 2005, thousands of public and private entities access the system, and are able inquire information based on their authorization on access levels.

AKS - Address Registration System
Service Period 2007 - Continued

The efficient and effective administration of address and its associated resources, depends upon the availability of quality information. AKS is born from the need for a secure, accessible, and authoritative address & resident registration system. The system operates integrated with MERNIS, to store residential information of Turkish nationals and foreigners residing in Turkey.

GöçNet - Immigration Management System
Service Period 2013 - Continued

Turkey, uniquely positioned in both the West and the East, has a strategic location among regions in flux. Every year, hundreds of thousands of migrants flow through the borders of our country. To enter clandestinely via land, air and sea routes, some of the migrants have recourse to criminal networks of smugglers. The Immigration Management System is another large-scale e-government project, developed by Kale Software, to tackle several of the problems stated here.

MAKS - Spatial Address Registration System
Service Period 2011 - Continued

Spatial Address Registration System is an implementation of GIS-based management, relying on the Address Registration System. The main objective of this multi-agency effort is to ensure a sustainable and responsible management for address registration that comprises spatial data on National Address Registry Database.

VAS - Data Warehouse System
Service Period 2010 - Continued

The Data Warehouse System (abbreviated VAS) is a powerful business intelligence project to support and monitor the processes of the General Directorate, developed by Kale Software.
Designed to deliver diverse queries, high performance analytics, data extraction and conversion on a single, unified repository, VAS started servicing in 2011.

TCKK - Turkish Republic Biometric Identity Card
Service Period 2012 - Continued

The Turkish Republic Identity Card Project (abbreviated TCKK) is a multi-agency effort to introduce a new version of identity cards for Turkish citizens. This next generation identification cards include a chip featuring the owner's personal details & biometrics. TCKK can also be seen as an opportunity to create a secure digital identity for each card holder, and opens the gate to secure and trusted online services.

EVS - E-Citizenship System
Service Period 2010 - Continued

E-Citizenship System (abbreviated EVS), is a large-scale e-government project developed by Kale Software, that deals with the acquisition, transmission and loss of Turkish citizenship. The system also helps register supporting documents (such as birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates) issued by other government agencies, into MERNIS.

ISM - Business Continuity Management System
Service Period 2011 – Continued

The Business Continuity Management System (abbreviated ISM in Turkish) is an error tolerant, scalable and load balanced framework, built for the General Directorate. The ISM serves concurrently over two disaster recovery nodes located in Ankara and Konya, 300 kilometers apart. The ISM is an invaluable asset to the Directorate. Several attributes of the system such as the physical distance between the sites, make the ISM quite unique among its international counterparts.

Our Clients

Great work comes from great partnerships.

Our clients range across the public, regulated and private sectors.
Here is a sampling of some of our clients:
General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality
Directorate General of Migration Management
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Economy
Turkish Employment Agency
Student Selection and Placement Centre
General Directorate of Food and Control
Ministry of Development
Higher Election Board
Electricity Generation Company
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
General Directorate of Eti Mine Works
General Directorate of Turkish State Railways

Meet The Team

Continued success at Kale has prompted us to bring together a talented and agile group of experienced developers, business analysts, testers, designers and expert architects.
We like to think we've put together something pretty special here.
Our team has a shared commitment to collaboration, communication and work ethics.
Meet the hard-working people of Kale Yazılım:

Bora Aksoy

Senior Analysis&Quality Unit Manager

Duygu Doğansoy

Business Analyst

Emre Deniz Özer

Assistant Software Specialist

Engin Çelik

Project Manager

Leyla İlhan

Administrative Asistant

Volkan Ünal

Senior Technical Software Specialist

Serdar Demir

Software Specialist

Derya İpek

Senior Test Specialist

İlkan Yıldırım

Business Analyst

Celal Yıldırım

Senior Project Manager

Mehmet Buğra Bilmez

Assistant Operation Software Specialist

Dilara Koçhisar

Human Resources Specialist

Nilgün Aslan

Senior Business Analyst

Şafak Akpınarlı

Operation Software Specialist

Mikail Sarıkaya

Software Speacialist

Fırat Akba

Assistant Database Specialist

Gülçin İmdat Terzi

Senior Business Analyst

Ayten Danacı

Senior Administrative Asistant

Selçuk Aydın

Assistant General Manager

Serdar Engin

Project Manager

Bekir Atlıhan

Project Manager

Ali İnce

Assistant General Manager

İlker Hacıoğlu

Senior Operation Software Specialist

Ragıp Semih Öcalankol

Senior Operation Manager

Hakan Afşar

Software Specialist

Aslı Pakkan

Senior Test Specialist

Seray Pekeriçli

Senior Database Specialist

Nilda Kuzu

Software Specialist

Kutlu Eren

Software Specialist

Ahmet Can Taşdemir

Assistant Software Specialist

Emre Bülbül

Project Manager

Başar Dalkılıç

Senior Software Developer

Tayfun Usta

Technical Software Specialist

Zeynep Özsoy

Software Specialist

Seda Yorulmaz

Senior Operation Support Specialist

Armağan Ergon

Senior Software Specialist

Erdinç Erkenez

Senior Web&Graphic Designer

Can İbanoğlu

Assistant Software Specialist

Emine Nihan İçöz

Assistant Software Specialist

Murat Yüksel

Software Specialist

İrfan Nuri Karaca

Senior Project Manager

Furkan Emre Akalın

Assistant Database Specialist

Volkan Yıkılmaz

Database&Busines Intelligence Unit Manager

Özge Yahlıer

Assistant Operation Software Specialist

Fikri Murat Bumin Nar

Software Specialist

Nursel Takış

Senior Test Specialist

Soner Özbey

Database Specialist

Mustafa Şener

Assistant Test Specialist

Furkan Duman

Senior Technical Unit Manager

Murat Türkoğlu

Senior Operation Support Specialist

Şennur Kıyanç

Project Manager

Erhan Kale

General Manager

Selim Çağlı

Software Specialist

Derya Karaman

Assistant Test Specialist

Selim Çoban

Software Specialist

Tuğbay Şahin

Senior Software Specialist

Can Akkaya

Software Specialist

Erhan Bursoy

Operation Software Specialist

Aslıhan Çağlak

Senior Test Specialist

Onur Altun

Project Manager

Mesut Temiz

Assistant Software Specialist

Ali İhsan Şahin

Assistant Configuration Management Specialist

Feride Yavuz

Senior Business Analyst

Canan Gül Erdoğan

Senior Operation Support Specialist

Cihan Selçuk

Senior Software Specialist

Lale Kurdoğlu

Senior Software Specialist

Cevdet Erdoğan

Senior System Specialist

Harun Salih Uzun

Business Intelligence Specialist